Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lydia and I went swimming together this morning.  The last time we went, she swam 6 laps, with breaks for stretching and rest in between.  Today, she swam 8 laps, also with breaks.  On one of her first laps, she said "I am going to be fourteen soon."  We counted the months until her birthday, and established that it is still 5 months away.  Then she began planning, and at every break, she would share her thoughts with me ...
"When I am fourteen, I'll be able to sleep in my own room."
"I will be able to tie my shoes all by myself, when I am fourteen."
"My hand will be steadier when I am fourteen.  I'll be able to feed myself - even soup!"  (We have had soup a few times, and it is a struggle to eat soup with a shaky hand.  It just flies everywhere!)
"When I am fourteen, I'll be able to get dressed and do my hair by myself.  I'll even be able to straighten my hair!"
And then this evening, at bedtime, she was still thinking.  Most of her "when I am fourteen" goals, were shared in the pool, but at bedtime, she said "I will be able to sing better when I am fourteen!"  We encouraged her that her singing is getting better each week.  Two months ago, she was still silent.  Her voice had not yet returned. 
We love that Lydia is so determined to get better.  It is hard work.  Tonight we opened a bottle of sparkling apple cider, to celebrate that Lydia had had a very successful day of therapy and school.  Each of her teachers or therapists had commended her for doing excellent work today. 

We enjoyed some sunshine again this afternoon, and took some photos.  Photos are becoming helpful markers of progress in this journey.   We are grateful for this one.