Monday, October 15, 2012

Lydia becomes excited quickly and easily!  Her enthusiasm, and her sweetness or naivete resemble that of a child.  Tonight at dinner we talked about the ribbon waving homecoming - when it is, what it is about, and how each family member will be involved.  We also tossed around ideas of being involved in the St. Agatha and New Hamburg Christmas parades.  There are many in our community to thank!  At bedtime, Lydia said, "I am so excited for the green ribbon party!"  She is counting down the days.

Lydia began her at home therapy program today.  Tomorrow, she will see more therapists, and two educators.  Sometimes she goes to the therapists' clinics, but often they come here.

Today, I shared with Lydia another Christy Nockels song that I have been enjoying:  Wonderful.
On the third listen, she was singing along.  She dearly hopes to regain her voice.  She can sing, but not like before.  We continue to pray for a full recovery.


Christy Nockels