Monday, October 22, 2012

Ribbon Waving Invitation

We have received some more inquires abour the ribbon waving homecoming, specifically with regards to who is welcome to come.  You are invited to come!  Anyone who has tied a lime green ribbon, or prayed for Lydia or our family, or been moved by Lydia's story, or has had their faith impacted by what God is doing in our midst, is welcome to come. 
We are realizing, as we go out in our community, how many people know Lydia!  Thank you for the smiles, the encouragement and the cheers.  Although Lydia is sometimes searching her mind, to see if she should know the person who just said hi to her, and commended her for her courage, she is learning to receive this well.
We have had another good day of therapy and school at home.  To her morning swim, we have added 8 minutes on the exercise bike.   She is trying to regain lost muscles and grow stronger. It is working because she is becoming steadier on her feet!
Today, Lydia had another first: she was able to use the washroom independently. 
Tonight, she prayed for the kids at Bloorview, that they would know that Jesus is always with them.  We know from our time there, that some children are there without regular family or friends in attendance with them.  She then prayed for everyone to know that Jesus is always with us.